Frequently asked questions.

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We offer a range of products (books, electronics, car accessories, sports accessories) that are either overproduced or at the end of marketing.

You therefore have an exclusive access to a range of products not available to discount merchandise reseller. These products will therefore have less competition on Amazon and thus guarantee you a comfortable margin.

Yes, we are a prep center with one distinctive characteristic.

We work with Amazon sellers as a supplier of Retail Arbitrage products and as a simple preparation center.

Whether you sell on Amazon in private label or in retail arbitration we process your orders.

The minimum amount to order is 150 € (tax included).

The cost of receiving, labelling and preparing shipments is 0.95 € per unit.

The cost of preparation and shipment is 0.95 € per unit.

What does this refer to?

When we receive the goods you have ordered, we have some preparation work to perform.

We remove the old labels, we validate the quality of the units received, we label for you each product with the FNSKU Amazon provided by you.

We provide the boxes, package your products, prepare the order and pick up while waiting for the carrier.

Of course, Amazon FBM sellers can work with us.

Subsequently we add the cost of dispatch in the final invoice.

It’s your Amazon account that pays the cost of the carrier.

We provide you with the dimensions and weight of each package.

In return you send us the UPS tracking code / UPS slip (PDF file) and we will pick up the packages for you.

You have nothing to do, this service is included in the cost of order preparation.

Each time we issue an invoice, we will associate a credit card payment link.

However, we accept payment via Paypal, Credit card, SEPA / Bank transfer.

The invoice is to be paid when ordering.

We only offer new products. No second-hand or refurbished product.

We offer each seller a free 15-minute call to answer your questions.

To do this, please follow the link below, choose a time and provide a phone number.

You will be contacted at the desired time.